The ELECTRONICS HOBBY CLUB aims to teach and help students understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets and circuits in the world today, and also assist people in developing their own devices. The mission of the club is to expose students to challenges and new technologies in the field of electronics and thus to nurture and develop their skill set in this arena. Regular meetings and mentorship programs conducted will definitely help students to achieve their goals. The emphasis is on experimenting and learning, no experience is necessary but eagerness to learn is essential.



The "TALK SHOW" CLUB initiated by the Department of ECE is functioning since June 2015. The primary goal of this show is to make students of SKCT to participate actively in the Talk Show during the extended hours and make use of this opportunity to explore/share their views on the debate topic and to improve their communication skill, presentation skill and group discussion skill. Student coordinators will be selected during every academic year (from III yr) and they will be responsible for conducting the show, video recording the event, sharing the video with social networks after scrutiny and selecting the best performer. The best performer will be honoured with certificate during the annual day function.