Manufacturing laboratory is aimed at providing an introduction to the know-how of common processes used in industries for manufacturing parts by removal of material in a controlled manner. The objective of this laboratory is to study and acquire knowledge on various basic machining operations in Lathe & special purpose machines and its applications in real time manufacture of components in the industry. The lab is equipped with industrial level machines like center lathes, planner, shaper, milling machines, slotter, Grinding Machine, Gear Hobbing machine.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. N. Mohanraj, Mr. K. Vickram, Mr. P. Arun Karthick



Thermal Engineering Laboratory is well equipped with numerous equipment viz., Various set up of advanced research VCR engine, 4 stroke diesel engine, 4 stroke petrol engine, flash and fire point, viscometer, blower, boiler, R & AC, heat exchanger, etc., The students gain the practical knowledge in the thermal field in industrial level by carrying out hands on learning practice in the laboratory.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. K. Mohan, Mr. R. Dhivagar



Dynamics Laboratory is a modern facility for performing a wide range of experiments in the area of Mechanics. The laboratory is concerned with providing theoretical knowledge, practical exposure to the students and methods capable of bringing solutions to practical problems in the industrial sphere. The Lab supports undergraduate courses, research scholars, student projects and advanced experimental research. This laboratory equips students with the current industry practice in structural dynamics and design of products.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. S. Vinodh Kumar, Mr. K.P.Boopathi Raja



Instrumentation and Metrology Laboratory provide an environment for students to reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of measuring instruments and apply their knowledge through hands-on learning using measuring instruments. The laboratory furnished with the equipment covering the areas of linear & angular measurements, limits, fits and gauges, comparators, screw thread measurements, gear measurements, surface finish measurements.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. K. Nirmal Kumar, Mr. K. S. Raghul



The Computer Aided Design laboratory was equipped with 75 high configured computer systems. The CAD lab have plenty of design software like Creo Parametric 2.0, ANSYS 16.2 with CFD, Solidworks and Solidworks DWG Editor. The designing and analysis part of vechicle fabrication like SUPRA, BAJA and Go kart are is supported by CAD laboratory for National Level Events. National Level design training and competitions were conducted for the students to enrich their skill.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. R. Rathish, Mr. N. Aravindkumar



Digital manufacturing laboratory is equipped with (Makerbot) 3D printing machine, CNC turning, CNC milling machine and computers with latest configurations supported by software like Edgecam, Master Cam. Digital manufacturing laboratory has the tools to help students to mediate between digital and physical design. A multitude of hardware and software technologies are combined in the Digital manufacturing laboratory including 3D Printers and CNC machines.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. S. Arivazhagan, Mr. Thiyagu S



Automation laboratory focuses on creating practical engineering solutions by integrating pneumatic and robotics based automation. The medical industries are most widely using automation in most of the application from production of the medicine to the end use like performing operations to patient. We are planning to conduct research and development in the areas of system dynamics, modelling, instrumentation, control systems, and design with applications to nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and automation.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. S. Santhosh Kumar, Mr. K. Kaviyarasan



Engineering practices laboratory houses Carpentry, Plumping, Sheet metal, Welding and moulding shops. The students are trained in performing all the fundamental operations in the above sections. The students are provided with hand tools and power tools to make simple models with wood and metal. The laboratory consists of wood working lathe, fittings tools, furnace, moulding boxes, TIG & MIG welding, Drilling Machine.

Faculty Incharges : Mr. M. Raguramsingh, Mr. S. Ram Kumar, R. Harikrishnan


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