Laboratory facilities

Language Laboratory

The well equipped language Laboratory has 72 computer peripherals. It provides a platform for learning, practicing and producing language skills. The Laboratory syllabus is designed to implement a standardized, skill based adaptative curriculum with a global perspective. This Laboratory aims at enhancing the communicative, social, interpersonal and professional skills of the students and in turn helps them to emerge as employable engineers and good competitors in the corporate world.

Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory with an area of 307 sq.m is equipped with latest instruments like Laser, Spectrometer, Traveling Microscope, Lee’s Disc and Band Gap apparatus. The students are given greater insight into the knowledge of practical science and true implications of its broad working principles.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory with an area of 285sq.m with well equipped and latest equipments such as Digital Potentiometer, Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Hot Air oven, Demineralization Plant and Spectrophotometer. This laboratory provides a keen sense of observation to increase the efficiency manifold of students through practical applications.

Problem Solving Techniques and C programming Lab I

CONFIGURATION QUANTITY LENOVO M71e, intel core i3 3rd Generation, 4 GB RAM,500GB Hard disk, USB Keyboard and mouse 66 Nos. The following accessories are also supported • OPERATING SYSTEM- UBUNTU (in built software) • 24 PIN- DOT MATRIX PRINTERS-6 Nos • This Lab provides the concept based learning of object oriented programming and the important elements of C++ and also helps in verifying the grammar, lexical analysis using LEX & YACC tools supporting Linux operating system.

Problem Solving Techniques and C programming Lab II

CONFIGURATION QUANTITY Lenovo M72e, Intel Core i3 3rd Gen, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA2 HDD, USB Keyboard and Mouse 60 Nos • OPERATING SYSTEM-UBUNTU • HP Laser Printer-6 • DIGISOL 8 Port Ethernet Switch